Alberta Acreage Post Frame Shop Buildings

Acreage Post Frame Shop Buildings

Need more space? You’ve come to the right place!

Do you need more storage space for your Alberta acreage?  A post frame  acreage shop, workshop or storage building can be a great addition to any property.

new acreage shop buildingMaintaining an acreage takes time and equipment, and having a safe place to store your equipment, toys, and tools is key.  As Albertans, we love to get outdoors and have fun on those sunny weekends.  Whether its quading, RV’ing or boating, a new acreage shop building means you get your toys out of the weather, and have a place to clean and maintain them.

Remuda Building has limitless size options and can provide you with the right post-frame shop building solution no matter what you need it for or how big or small you need it to be.   Every acreage shop building should also compliment the existing buildings in looks and style.  Remuda Building has great color options including new contemporary colors that go beyond the traditional farm colors.  Adding 2’ overhangs with soffit and fascia can also be a great way to set your post-frame building apart.

Acreage Shop BuildingThe process for building a new acreage shop building can sometimes be intimidating.  Our professional staff can help you work through all aspects of the planning stages including site preparation, utility planning, permits, and drawings.

Don’t want to bring in multiple trades to complete your project?  We have the ability to take care of as much or as little of the shop building construction project as you would like, including concrete slabs, eavestroughing, finished interiors, and mezzanines.

Looking for something more than that basic post frame shop building?  We have beautiful options to help your building stand out including:

Sunshine Overhead Door

  • Sunshine overhead door panels or glass panels let a ton of light into your new acreage shop building while giving it a classy finish.
  • Porches and lean-to’s are great places to get out of the sun, both for equipment or people.
  • Wainscoting adds a budget conscious fresh look to the walls on your new post-frame shop building
  • 2’ Overhangs allow for extra attic venting and look amazing on any building.

For more information about Remuda’s Alberta acreage shop building services contact us today! Or to view some of our post-frame shop building construction projects in Alberta visit our gallery.

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