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Alberta Hay Storage Post Frame Buildings

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Storage solutions that protect your investment

Are you considering a hay storage solution for your Alberta farm? Hay is an important commodity in the agriculture world and can hold substantial value, especially in dryer years. Our postframe hay storage buildings and sheds can ensure that value isn’t compromised by exposure to the weather.

Hay stored outside has been shown to lose 25-35% of total dry matter compared to only a 4-7% loss of hay stored inside. Hay storage building construction makes sense from an economic standpoint. Hay quality is also critically important, especially for animals having high nutritional requirements. Whether for horses or cattle, high value animals need high quality feed. Proper hay storage is the key.

large hay storage buildingHay sheds and hay storage buildings can be constructed in many different sizes and styles, including open gables, structures with only posts and a roof system, as well as three sided hay storage. Strength and durability are always paramount as Alberta weather can be as unpredictable as it can be violent. The 29 gauge wall and roof metal that we use to construct our post frame hay storage buildings comes with a 40-year paint warranty. Using wall knee braces, additional truss bracing, and uplift protection, our hay storage shed solutions are designed to last.

Lean-to Hay Storage Buildings & Sheds

Hay storage building constructionSometimes a large hay storage building is a little more than what’s really needed. An open lean-to addition can be a great way to add a hay storage shed to your existing barn or shop building. Post frame lean-to’s can be added to most existing building and can really free up space in your building. At Remuda Building we ensure a quality build that matches a great look.

Some standard lean-to features are:

  1. Treated 2 x 8 Laminated posts
  2. Metal skirt protecting the support beam
  3. Attachment at wall or roof

Give us a call with your hay shed plans and let us provide you with a cost effective post- frame hay storage building solution that will save you money year after year.

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