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Alberta Post Frame Aircraft Hangar Building Services

Aircraft Hangar Building Services

Durability and building strength in every design

Keeping your aircraft or airplanes sheltered from damaging Alberta weather has never been so easy or affordable. Let Remuda Building design a post frame aircraft hangar to meet all your aviation storage needs. Our post frame aircraft hangar design allows for accommodation of everything from single engine aircraft to commercial applications with multiple aircraft. Remuda Building aircraft hangar construction makes large clear span hangar buildings easy providing you plenty of room to store and maintain your aircraft.

A post frame aircraft hangar is often more than just a garage for your plane. When the flying day is over it can be great to have a quiet space to wind down with friends or tinker on your equipment. Second floor mezzanines or separate rooms can be incorporated into your aircraft hangar building to allow for a sitting area as well as room for your more grounded toys.

Aircraft hangar building strength is as important as functionality. With 2 x 8 laminated posts, an engineered post to truss connection, as well as additional truss bracing, you can feel sure you are protecting your investment. Our Grade Guard post protection system ensures your post frame aircraft hangar will last a lifetime.
mezzanines, stairwells, and dividing walls

  1. Our Bi-fold doors can span up to 90’ and have remote control options as well. Each door comes with a 2 year factory defect warranty, a 10 year lift cable warranty, and Lifetime Hinge Bushings Warranty.
  2. Second level mezzanines, stairwells, and dividing walls help create the space you need.
  3. Remuda building offers concrete floor packages in your new post frame building as well, leaving you with a beautifully finished and clean interior.
If you have started the search for your new airplane hangar building, we would love to help. From design to engineering, to construction, we can guide you through the building process. Remuda Building believes in value; receiving a great product for a reasonable cost is something we deliver on. Contact us today to learn more.

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