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Alberta Post Frame Oil & Gas Building Construction

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Efficient building construction: on time

When your Alberta business needs a new oil and gas building; timing, budget, and durability are all important factors to consider.  Post frame oil and gas buildings from Remuda Building are ideal for energy companies looking for a reliable building that can be constructed easily and efficiently no matter the location, time of year, or schedule.

Post frame buildings are a great fit within the oil and gas industry and have many advantages over other building types:post frame buildings

  • Ability to build all year round – even in the winter! Winter is often when your oil and gas company is at full stride.  We have the ability to drill and set posts in any condition, no matter what time of year.
  • Energy efficient – Post frame oil & gas buildings are some of the most energy efficient buildings to heat due to their wall thickness, insulation width and continuous vapour barrier. Our finished interiors feature bright white metal throughout, up to R-28 insulation in the walls, R-40 blow in insulation in the attic space, the most energy efficient attic hatch on the market, and all interior window / door trims.
  • Cost effective use of building materials and time. Remuda Building oil and gas buildings are budget conscious; the ability to build large square footage in short periods of time means you get more for each dollar.
  • Post frames oil & gas buildings also allow for a covered structure before concrete or interior work and are adaptable for almost any type of finish.

When it comes to design and options for your new oil and gas building, the possibilities are endless.insulated overheads and bifold door

  • Clear span design provides an open concept with no support columns, ready for any interior configuration.
  • We offer many great options for doors include insulated overheads and Bifold door.
  • Entry doors are commercial grade, and glass storefront doors are available for your office entrance.
  • Insulation packages, interior framing, and second level mezzanines allow for a finish that gets the most out of your design.
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