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Building dreams to reality

Whether you enjoy horses for pleasure, recreation, or sport? Remuda Building has limitless options for your post frame equine building that will delight both you and your horse.

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Consider your options

After years in the industry, we’ve sourced the best of the best products to ensure your new building is built to last, and is as energy efficient and cost effective as possible!

Some of our Equestrian Exterior Options:
  1. Cupola’s – Complete your equestrian look.
  2. 4′ Entry Ways – Allow for quick in and out access for your horse.
  3. Lean To’s – Provide you and your equine a dry and shaded space.
Equestrian Exterior Options
Some of our Equestrian Interior Options:
  1. Kick wall – 6 or 8 fee high kick wall is a popular option for post-frame riding arenas as it provides protection for the building, human and animals from a collision with posts or sheet metal.
  2. Concrete – Incorporate tack rooms and wash bays into the design.
  3. Mezzanine – Viewing areas are also popular, a second floor area to spend time with fellow riders and family can add to a fun environment.
Equestrian Interior Options

Post Frame

What is Post Frame construction?

Post-frame buildings typically feature large wood posts instead of the 2 x 6″ studs found in many traditional wood-frame buildings. Loads are transferred to the ground through the posts, which are typically embedded in the ground or surface-mounted to a concrete or masonry foundation.

What are the advantages of Post Frame construction?
  • Ability to build all year round – even in the winter
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost effective use of building materials
  • Allows for a covered structure before concrete or interior work
  • Adaptable for almost any type of finish

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Industry-classified Design Building means that together, we will work with you from putting your dreams on paper right through to the installation of the finishing touches. There are huge advantages to working this way:

  • Minimal outsourcing of any part of the project
  • Reduces cost
  • Takes less time to complete without conflicting schedules and timelines

Collaboratively, we have the ability to design beautiful buildings on time, on budget, and as hassle free as possible!


Remuda goes above and beyond with the finishing touches on their buildings. We are not satisfied until you are.  The options we can provide as well as the custom features will set your new post frame building apart from your neighbors, and provide you with a beautiful space to enjoy for years to come.  Give us a call today to get started!