Our Drive

About Us

What drives Remuda Building?
  • The responsibility of challenging our employees each and every day.
  • Meeting great people and making their building dreams come true.
  • Building a sustainable business that will be around for years to come.
  • Growing within the community and becoming a local business people can trust.
  • Having fun. Life will always give you challenges; we are called to make the best with what we are given.

Our Process

Growing beyond realized potential, and making the most out of each day is our motivation to get out of bed every morning!

Make an educated decision on your next building!
  1. Prerequisites

    Dreams: Start by telling us what you’ve been dreaming of; everyone has a picture in their mind of their ideal building and we would love to hear about it!

    Parameters: Permits, proximity to other structures, proximity to property lines, etc… Not sure what or if any of these items exist? We would be happy to stop by your site and give you any suggestions to help with the initial plan. Sometimes a simple idea can end up saving you a lot of money in the future.

    • Is the site within 12″ of level? We can laser measure to determine the slope.
    • Have you thought about builder’s risk insurance? We’ll offer advice!
    • Have you paid for and received all permits needed for your new building? Let us help!
    • Is there any underground infrastructure such as gas lines, electrical cables, or septic lines?
  2. Engineering
    The building industry is constantly growing and evolving, and we’re staying ahead of the curve.

    More and more Municipalities are looking to a tightly controlled building environment meaning more permitting, drawings, and engineering.

    Remuda Building is able to provide fully engineered drawings for buildings where it’s needed at a competitive price. We will also help you through the permit process ensuring your building process is a smooth one.

  3. Aesthetics
    What style of building are you looking for? We are able to provide building styles from functional to flashy and everything in between.

    Some great options to give your building the right look:

    • Soffits
    • Wainscoting
    • Eavestroughing
    • Unique window styles and sizes
    • Large entry options including overhead door, bifold doors, and sliding doors
    • Over 35 color choices for sidings, roof, and trim
  4. The Extras
    There are many ways that Remuda Building goes above and beyond for our customers.
    Read on for some of the extra things we can do for you.

    CONCRETE SLABS:concrete_slab
    Imagine pulling your truck onto that fresh clean concrete slab in your new shop building. Feels good doesn’t it? Remuda Building’s concrete services are another example of how we can take your project from foundation to finishing. From rebar to floor drains we can make sure you have the floor that works for you.

    Post frame buildings are some of the most energy efficient buildings to heat due to their wall thickness, insulation width and continuous vapour barrier. Our finished interiors feature bright white metal throughout, up to R-28 insulation in the walls, R-40 blow in insulation in the attic space, the most energy efficient attic hatch on the market, and all interior window / door trims.

    EAVESTROUGHING AND DOWNSPOUTS:Eavestroughing And Downspouts
    Keeping water away from your building is always a good idea! Our Evestroughing and Downspouts can ensure rain water and snow melt is pushed away from your building’s foundation. Keep the look of your building clean and modern with continuous length Evestroughing and a co-ordinating colour palette.

  5. Price

    With the right information compiled from above we can prepare a detailed and competitive quote so you can easily determine Remuda Building’s responsibilities for your new building, as well as knowing if there are any needs from your perspective.