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Post Frame Farm Shops Building in Alberta

farm shop building

Repairs and maintenance; out of the cold

Today’s farm is a business, and like every Alberta business, down time during busy season is not an option.  Having a farm shop building gives you the ability to get equipment repaired quickly in a controlled environment as well as having a place to stock common parts and supplies.

post frame farm shopBuilding a post frame farm shop that fits your operation is important; size, shape, and height can really affect the usefulness of any building.  Having the right farm shop plans means that years after the shop is built, it continues to pay for itself with low maintenance costs and allow for a year round productive working environment.

A mezzanine is a great option for farm shops allowing storage and office space without sacrificing important floor space below.  Having a separate area for parts storage ensures you what you need when you need it, without searching for hours.  Many farms have office space in their homes but end up constantly moving back and forth in order to access important information.  An office space in your farm shop building will keep you organized and give some separation between home and work.

Ag equipment and land holdings seem to only get larger so it’s important to think ahead and make sure you have enough space for the future.  Choosing the right access door is also very important.  Remuda Building has door options for even the largest equipment including:ag equipment and land holdings

  1. Overhead doors with glass panels allow for small to medium size entry as well as providing natural light into the farm shop building.
  2. Bifold doors give you flexibility with width and can open to the full post frame farm shop building height.  Bifold can also be insulated and provide a great seal.
A good farm shop building space plays an important role in the success of a farm operation and may be more affordable than you think.  Give us a call today to plan your next farm shop building construction.

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