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outside of the square box.

Our commercial buildings are built strong, with uplift prevention, engineered trusses, and above industry standard bracing. Plus, with our interior packages we can offer you more options from the concrete supply to the final touches.

Consider your options

Whether you want to start your building in the winter, or get finished as quickly as possible to avoid down-time, we’ll help you explore building methods that will suit your needs. These are some of the extras we can complete after the shell of the structure is up.

  1. Eavestroughing and Downspouts

    Accent the look of your building while maintaining it’s condition with these clean and modern finishing touches.

  2. Fully Finished Interiors

    Our finished interiors are stunning, and energy efficient with the use of bright white metal, insulation solutions, and all interior window and door trims.

  3. Concrete Slabs

    From rebar to floor drains, we can make sure you have the floor that works for you


Post Frame

What is Post Frame construction?

Post-frame buildings typically feature large wood posts instead of the 2 x 6″ studs found in many traditional wood-frame buildings. Loads are transferred to the ground through the posts, which are typically embedded in the ground or surface-mounted to a concrete or masonry foundation.

What are the advantages of Post Frame construction?
  • Ability to build all year round – even in the winter
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost effective use of building materials
  • Allows for a covered structure before concrete or interior work
  • Adaptable for almost any type of finish

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Industry-classified Design Building means that together, we will work with you from putting your dreams on paper right through to the installation of the finishing touches. There are huge advantages to working this way:

  • Minimal outsourcing of any part of the project
  • Reduces cost
  • Takes less time to complete without conflicting schedules and timelines

Collaboratively, we have the ability to design beautiful buildings on time, on budget, and as hassle free as possible!


Remuda goes above and beyond with more than just new buildings. Whether you are looking to update or add to an existing building, let us help. New metal and trim can take that tired looking building and transform it into a show-stopper. Give us a call to discuss your options today.