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Sonja’s riding arena & barn

Equestrian stable and arena in alberta
Sonja Pfieffer’s family trains horses for reined cow horse and cutting competitions. These equestrian events are demonstrations of the horse and rider working together to handle cattle – singling a cow out from a herd, and moving a cow in any direction at high speed. 

Judges assess the horse’s athleticism and ability. To be successful, the horse’s movements have to be precise. With competition season running from Spring to Fall, the colder months of the year are ideal downtime to train horses – if you have somewhere warm to do it. 

With an indoor horse riding arena, Sonja would no longer be at the mercy of weather forecasts to get her horses show-ready. She could train them, and enjoy doing it, year-round

When Sonja started looking for a builder to construct an indoor riding arena, a family friend suggested that she take a look at the quality of Remuda’s work. 

She discovered that Remuda had experience constructing post frame equine buildings in Alberta, with existing plans for a variety of riding uses. Plus, they offered endless customization options.

Impressed by the customer service she was receiving, Sonja hired Remuda – with a request that the arena would be completed before the Christmas season. Remuda agreed.

Because post frame construction begins with putting support posts in the ground, there was no worrying about Fall weather delaying the pouring of a concrete foundation. Post frame buildings can also be constructed up to 50% faster than other methods. 

Remuda was able to easily deliver before the holidays, and Sonja was able to give her family an 80 ft. x 140 ft. indoor riding arena for Christmas.  

“It was very fast,” she said. “We called them, we even changed our mind about three times on what we wanted, and they were really quick and changed it no problem. It was great.”

A 12 ft. lean-to was added, for hay storage, and then Sonja set her sights higher – on a matching barn with horse stalls, for her horses to live in. 

And, in her own words, “to keep the show horses nice and pretty.”

Farm in rural Alberta
Custom post frame built horse barn
post frame constructed riding arena

After consulting with Remuda’s design team, Sonja requested that the crew build her an 8-stall barn, with fully insulated walls. There would be an office, a wash bay to bathe the horses, and an oversized tack room for storing saddles, bridles, and other equipment 

“They are very on point, making sure everything is perfect and level. And they add on little details here and there.”

One big detail that stands out in Sonja’s new barn is how the tack room is accessed.

“My favourite thing about our Remuda buildings is the tack room door in the barn. It’s a revolving door. In the morning we can just open it up and start working. At night, we can just close it up and it’s nice and clean. We never have bruised knuckles from going through a smaller door. Remuda did phenomenal with that door. It works easy. They even added an extra strip for the dust. It’s definitely the best part of the barn.”


80’ x 140’ x 18’
40’ x 60’ x 18’


13,600 sq. ft.

Special features
  • 12’ X 140’ hay shelter
  • Riding arena
  • Horse stalls
  • Tack room

If you’re a horse owner, a trainer, or a competitor, contact Remuda to discuss your plans, your budget, and the possibilities.