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Indoor Riding Arenas

Superior Construction -Riding Arena

80 x 140 x 18 Riding Arena

indoor horse riding arena

Whether you work with horses for a living or just love to get out and ride anytime of the year, an indoor horse riding arena is a fantastic addition to any property. Indoor riding arenas protect you from blowing snow in the winter or pouring rain in the spring. No longer would you have to think about the forecast before planning a riding session. Riding arena construction is not something to be taken lightly, it is a substantial investment and should be considered carefully. Remuda Building has the ability to take you through the process with countless options, great value, and superior construction.

Building Leasing

Leasing equipment, vehicles, and trailers is something that happens often in today’s world and can make a lot of financial sense, especially in a business environment.

What a lot of people don’t know is that leasing options for the agricultural community extends to buildings as well. Most people don’t realize that leasing a new barn, shop or storage building is just as easy as financing and while interest rates may be slightly higher than regular loans, a couple key benefits may make leasing the right option for you!
Quick and painless: Rates are based on your credit rating and the approval process tends to be faster than that of a bank.

The entire cost of the building could be tax deductible: Rather than just the interest portion of a purchase payment, the entire yearly cost of the building could be written off against your income.

Save your cash: No traditional down payments help preserve your cash reserves and frees up space on your Operating Loans or Line of Credit for other farm expenses.

Our sales team can point you towards a leasing company that can fit your needs, and support you through the buying process. Call us today to make your building dreams a reality.

Can You Build a Post Frame Building in the Winter?

Short Answer: Absolutely!

Long Answer: As we enjoy another beautiful fall season, we are often faced with a common question; can you build in the winter? The majority of people believe that as soon as the snow flies our building season comes to end; however for Remuda Building this just means it’s time to put an extra layer on.

One of the main advantages of post frame construction over traditional building methods is the fact that there are no concrete foundations to pour, eliminating the need for difficult concrete work in sub-zero temperatures. We have the proper tools and equipment to allow for a smooth building process no matter what time of year.

Although some believe that building in the winter should cost more, we at Remuda have chosen to keep our pricing consistent throughout the year. Building though the winter allows us to provide year round work for our crew members, ensuring the best trained team, and giving you the quality of work that you have come to appreciate from Remuda Building.

Prior to freeze up it is always a good idea to have a relatively flat building site in mind and a packed clay base is ideal if a concrete building slab will be needed in the future. Getting some of the ground work done now can really save time in the future.

If you have any questions about any of this or would like to know more about planning for your next building, do not hesitate to give us a call at (403) 651-4304 or email info@remudabuilding.com.

Post Frame Building in the Winter