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A Horseman’s Haven: Amazing Horse Country’s Arena & Barn

A Remuda Building riding arena and horse barn on a farm in Alberta
85′ x 200′ x 16′ Riding Arena & 40′ x 72′ x 20′ Barn
Sq Ft:
17,000 & 2,880 Sq Ft
Special Features:
  • Lean-to
  • Mezzanine
  • Finished Interior
  • Sunshine Door
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When it comes to scheduling clinics for Amazing Horse Country, unpredictable Alberta weather has always been a hassle that owner Scott Phillips grapples with. But times have changed, thanks to the addition of two Remuda post frame buildings – a riding arena, and a custom barn.

The new spaces have not only alleviated the weather-related constraints, but have also helped Scott and his team keep their tack and equipment organized indoors.

Nestled on a sprawling 145-acres in the heart of central Alberta, not far from picturesque Crimson Lake Provincial Park, the Amazing Horse Country Ranch offers a breathtaking haven for horse enthusiasts. The ranch boasts an expansive network of riding trails, obstacles courses, an equestrian campground, and cozy cabins, making it an undeniably perfect setting for riders and their horses to participate in Scott’s clinics.

In the equine community, Amazing Horse Country has found a unique niche – a style of horse and people training called ‘relational horsemanship’, an approach that centres around fostering trusting relationships between riders and their horse.

Amazing Horse Country’ clinics and teachings are guided by the social nature of horses, which Scott compares to that of humans.

“If you think of it, our lives are defined by our relationships and how we interact with others. We have spouses, friends, employers, and have different relationships with everyone. Similarly, horses are very social, and their lives exist around relationships in the herd. Like people, they are all individuals with unique strengths, struggles, and roles. And we can capitalize on that. Horses have a clear understanding of leadership and followership. As prey animals, they also have inherent distrust and fears.”

“What we do is two-fold: give people practical knowledge and skills to be leaders of horses – to lead with clarity in the horses language, and to show horses how to manage pressures and become confident, proud, and precise followers. What’s great is that this approach works for every horse and every rider in every discipline.”

The recent additions of two post frame buildings by Remuda enhance the operational efficiency of Amazing Horse Country and extend the clinic season into winter months – a huge step in allowing Scott to pass his knowledge along to even more riders.

The riding arena has long been on Scott’s wish list. With the new, spacious Amazing Horse Country Ranch up and running, the time was right to cross it off. In the past, the clinic schedule was at the mercy of mother nature.

“If it was too hot, too rainy, too windy, or too cold, we’d either have to juggle the schedule or cancel the clinic outright, which we never like to do.”

Remuda knew that Scott’s dream riding arena needed to be comfortable for he and his clients to ride in all weather conditions. The building is fully insulated so that even on scorching 30 degree days, rainy days, or windy days, Amazing Horse Country has a dry, comfortable, and safe place to ride.

“The arena allows us to extend our clinic season by several months. October through March can be unpredictable for outdoor operation – ice and wind being the key concerns. But inside, we’re sheltered and have good footing for the horses.”

The post frame horse barn and workshop, another addition by Remuda, also plays a key role in keeping Amazing Horse Country operating through winter months. Not only does the pole barn provide a space to organize tractors, farm vehicles, saddles, and tack indoors, it’s the gathering point for the engaging classroom conversations that are part of every one of Scott’s clinics.

“The barn is also our distribution point for all utilities. Since we’re expanding our business to include winter months, we require water for horses and power to keep it from freezing.”

When asked why he would recommend Remuda, Scott points to several things.

“The speed at which the buildings were constructed without sacrificing quality. Being able to bounce ideas around. Being able to plan out the buildings the way we want them built. Being able to make changes or additions easily. Having a stamped set of engineered drawings to go through before project commencement. And of course, being able to sit down with Remuda in person to discuss the project and specifications.”

You can follow along with all the exciting things happening at the Amazing Horse Country Ranch on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.

A red workshop including a lean-to for additional storage, and porch A red riding arena in the background with horses and their shelter in the foreground.

The finished interioir of a pole riding arena, with a kickwall. A large, red riding arena with horses and their riders in the foreground.

If you’re looking to add custom equine facilities to your property that make riding more enjoyable, contact Remuda today to get started planning and designing your own Remuda building.