It starts with a conversation

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Phone or in-person consultation

Tell us about your property, what you want to build, and how you plan to use your building. We’ll walk you through different building options and explain your development’s permitting requirements.

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Define your building scope

Together, we’ll define exactly what your building needs to be and the features you want included. At this stage, a site inspection might be necessary before finalizing building details and dependencies.

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Receive your proposal & pricing 

You’ll receive a written proposal detailing your building’s specifications and the associated costs. Your Remuda representative will help you revise the plan and pricing until you are satisfied.

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Place your building order

When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll meet with you to confirm your order, clarify details, answer your questions, and finalize the agreement. Your first deposit payment will be due at this point.

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Approve design & engineered drawings

We’ll get to work designing and engineering your building so it will satisfy building code requirements, endure snow load, and withstand wind shear. Drawings will be shared, so you can make changes.

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Project scheduled & materials ordered

Once you’ve approved the final building design, we’ll order the materials and schedule your project for construction. We’ll advise you about what to expect during the construction process.

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Obtain your building permit

Before we can start, you’ll need to acquire a building permit. We’ll provide you with all of the drawings and documentation you’ll need to obtain a building permit from your local municipality.

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Your building construction begins & ends

Your Remuda crew foreman will introduce himself and will be available to answer questions during the rapid construction process. Your second deposit payment will be due at this point.

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Inspect your new building

The building will be complete, and you will be invited to accompany us as we perform a satisfaction inspection. This ensures that the building meets your expectations and our standards. The final payment will be due.

builder working on post frame construction site
Building safely during the pandemic.

The safety of our staff and the comfort of our customers have always been our priority during construction. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve raised our safety standards even higher, ensuring that we are able to meet deadlines without putting anyone at risk. Because of the size of our projects, and the specialized nature of tasks performed, our crews are able to work together on the job site while physically distanced.

Building Permits vs Development Permits

A development permit isn’t the same as a building permit. Remuda can help you understand the permit requirements for your area and guide you through the process.  

Development Permit

This allows a specific type of development, on a specific parcel of land in the community, to proceed, while obeying the zoning and development bylaws of the County. Conditions may include: the allowed use of the property, the intensity of that use, building height, building site coverage, setbacks from property lines and other buildings, and parking requirements.

Building Permit

This allows construction of buildings or structures to proceed, on condition of compliance with the Alberta Building Code, which addresses building and fire safety. A building permit is required for the construction, alteration, repair, relocation, demolition, or change of use of a building.