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Riding & Horse Arenas

Love to ride? Do it inside!

Whether you work with horses for a living or just love to get out and ride anytime of the year, an indoor horse riding arena is a fantastic addition to any Alberta property.  Indoor riding arena  protect you from blowing snow in the winter or pouring rain in the spring.  No longer would you have to think about the forecast before planning a riding session.

Indoor Riding arena

Riding arena construction is not something to be taken lightly, it is a substantial investment and should be considered carefully.  Remuda Building has the ability to take you through the process with countless options, great value, and superior Alberta indoor riding arena construction.

Remuda Building takes a special interest in equine riding arena  planning and construction.  An indoor riding arena design should be specific for each type of use, whether it be commercial or private.  We have horse arena plans that will fit your riding use and budget.polycarbonate wall

  1. Polycarbonate wall light brings a ton of natural light into indoor riding arenas.
  2. 6 or 8 feet high kick wall is a popular option for post- frame riding arenas as it provides protection for the building, human and animals from a collision with posts or sheet metal.
  3. Tack rooms and wash bays can be incorporated into the design to allow for a one size fits all equine arena.
  4. 4’ walk doors allow for quick in and out access for your horse.
  5. Viewing areas are also popular, a second floor area to spend time with fellow riders and family can add to a fun environment.

Our goal is to create amazing spaces for both horse and rider and would love to help you with your riding arena post frame building arena plans.  Call us today to get started! And if you are looking for other post-frame buildings to add to your farm or property check out our agriculture and acreage building selections.

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