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Alberta Post-Frame Farm Barn Construction

Post-Frame Farm Barn Construction

Your livestock care is about to get easier

Are you in the market for a new barn building? Remuda Building has great post frame farm barn options, from simply having a roof over the calf’s head, to detailed spaces capable for all types of animal care.  The Alberta prairies have a rich history of post frame barn construction and there are many early farm barn buildings still standing today.   Post frame barn construction has evolved over the years, and is now even more versatile and long lasting than before.

Alberta post frame barns come in all types, sizes, and shapes. Remuda is a custom barn builder and will work with your exact needs to ensure your barn plans can be utilized for generations.

Cattle Barns

Keeping livestock out of the weather can be a necessity at times, and having a place to monitor cow / calves during calving is a lifesaver. 40 x 60 is a common calving barn size and allows for monitoring pens, while still having space for medical care area’s and a place to get some rest on those long calving season nights.

Calving Barn Options:
cattle barns

  1. Kick Wall
  2. Sliding / Overhead Door Options
  3. Poly carbonate wall light

Horse Barns

Every horse lover knows a horse barn or horse shelter is a must have on their property.  Call us with your horse barn plans and we will match your design and budget to ensure you get the best value on your new horse barn construction.

Horse Barn Construction Options:
Horse Barn Construction

  1. Kick Wall
  2. Cupola’s
  3. 4’ Entry Doors
  4. Finished interiors

Hip Roof Barns

Many existing farms and acreages have an existing hip roof barn, usually in serious need of repair.  We are often asked if maintaining that look on a new building is an option.  The answer: Absolutely.  We have some great hip roof barn options with every budget in mind.  Give us a call today to discuss!

Hip Roof Barn Options:
Hip Roof Barn

  1. Windows with Center Muntin Bars
  2. Cupola’s with weather vanes
  3. Overhangs and roof flares

For more information about Remuda’s Alberta barn building services contact us today! Or to view some of our post-frame barn projects in Alberta visit our gallery

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