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Remuda Building has great options for your new agriculture post frame storage building

Farm equipment storage buildings are becoming more and more popular with today’s Alberta farmers.  The ever increasing costs of farm equipment means everyday it’s sitting outside in the elements its losing value.  Many Alberta farm sheds from the previous generation are too small to fit current equipment sizes.  From Combines, to Swathers, to Sprayers, size seems to increase every year.   Remuda Building has great options for your new agriculture post frame storage building.

Access Doors

bifold-croppedBifold Doors – Bifold door allow for easy access when it comes to large farm machinery or equipment.  With large width spans they can handle even the biggest headers, seed drills, or any other farm equipment.  Bifold doors also give you the added benefit of full height.  This means whatever your post-frame storage building height, the Bifold door can give you full height access.



farm storage shedsSliding Doors – Sliding doors are a great lower cost option for farm storage sheds.  They also allow for full height access to any farm equipment storage building and are a good option for any building that doesn’t have access to power.




insulated overhead doorsOverhead Doors – Insulated overhead doors are available in sizes all the way from 6’ widths to 24’ widths.  When you need quick entry to a farm storage building for your trucks and smaller equipment, overhead doors give you flexibility and options.




Post Frame

Post frame works extremely well for all equipment storage shed applications.  With large width spans up to 100’ there is no equipment it can’t handle.  Remuda Building constructs your post frame storage buildings above and beyond the industry standard.  Our engineered trusses are built for your Alberta location’s snow and wind loads and our truss bracing and post connections are second to none.

When you have your new farm equipment storage building constructed by Remuda Building, you can rest assured you are getting the best.  Give us a call today to get started on your new storage building.

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