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Customer Spotlight: Boy Chief Trading Post

We pride ourselves on giving Alberta businesses room to grow so they can continue to do great work.

Daryll & Mona McDonald have operated Boy Chief Trading Post in the heart of Blackfoot country on the Siksika Nation Reserve since 2002. The business gets its name from Mona’s great grandfather and great Blackfoot warrior, Boy Chief. The McDonald’s started Boy Chief Trading Post with the mission of preserving and promoting Blackfoot culture and traditions by selling an array of traditional Indigenous art, crafts, clothing, accessories, and more.

Remuda Building previously designed and installed an unique western-inspired post frame building which has served as the Boy Chief store ever since. However, as their operations continue to expand, it became apparent that Boy Chief Trading post needed more room if they are to continue to grow.

The McDonald’s approached Remuda Building this year when they ran into the problem of not having enough space to house all of their inventory. The simple solution – a 30′ x 54′ x 12′ storage warehouse that will also serve as a shipping and receiving office.

Once the collaborative design process was complete, the simplicity of the design meant that our three man crew was able to construct a building that was perfectly tailored to Boy Chief Trading Posts’ needs in just three days.

“Their crews are great workers and very quick, yet sturdy with everything they create.”

The carbon main walls paired with the copper penny trim and roof give the new post frame storage building an identical look to the existing Boy Chief store.

With their new building stocked, Daryll & Mona are excited to continue promoting Indigenous arts and culture. The new building will allow Boy Chief to fill orders faster than ever before, meeting their customers’ desire to receive their purchases as quickly as possible.

“We are able to get organized, and ship and receive in one area. This makes our turnaround time amazing. When people order, they want their product now. We love having everything in order, and products safe.”

“Our experience with Remuda has been nothing but professional, friendly, and awesome. Looking into the future, we will be calling them again, and again, and again.”

Take a look at the wide selection of products at Boy Chief Trading Post here.

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