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Can you build a post frame building in the winter?

Post frame home construction in the winter

Short answer: absolutely!

We are often asked the question “Can you build in the winter?”, because most people believe that the building season ends with the first snow falls. For Remuda Building, winter just means it’s time to wear an extra layer.

One of the main advantages of post frame construction over traditional building methods is that there are no concrete foundations to pour. This eliminates doing difficult concrete work in subzero temperatures. Instead, we have the proper methods, tools, and equipment to allow for a smooth building process year round.

With Remuda, building during the winter doesn’t cost more. We keep our pricing consistent throughout the year. Building though the winter allows us to provide year round work for our crew members, who will deliver the quality of work Remuda is known for.

Prior to freeze-up, it’s a good idea to have a relatively flat building site in mind. A packed clay base is ideal if a concrete building slab will be needed in the future. Getting some of the ground work done early can save a lot of time in the future.

If you have any questions about winter building, or would like to know more about the planning process, call us at (403) 651-4304 or email