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Darren’s Agriculture Shop

Sq Ft:
4,080 Sq Ft
Special Features:
  • Lean-to
  • Finished Interior
  • Overhead Door with Windows
  • Eavestrough
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As a cattle and grain farmer, Darren’s livelihood depends on his equipment. His Remuda building protects the pieces of machinery most important to his way of life, while providing a comfortable space to keep them up and running.

Darren asked Remuda for a building estimate after seeing what the company had built for one of his family members. At the time, Darren was storing all his equipment in a smaller building that left little room for maintenance or other duties.

With his new Remuda building in place, he’s using it primarily for winter storage of farm equipment and machinery including, loader tractors, and a feed truck that’s used year round. The farm storage building includes a covered lean-to for lumber storage. Darren is enjoying having a warm, indoor space for morning maintenance on his tractors.

“Remuda buildings are clean and they’re straight. All the screws are done in a perfect row. It’s hard to find a straighter, more square building. It’s something that shows in their construction. All their staff that came when they were building – they were great guys to talk to and deal with and they seemed like they were willing to work hard and get the job done.”

Two door farm garage

“All of the staff were great to work with. The detail shows in their construction. It’s hard to find a straighter, more square building.”

Darren Reinhardt

Darren Reinhardt

Owner, Crooked Creek Farms

If you’re looking to protect your equipment indoors and out of the elements, contact Remuda to discuss your plans, your budget, and the possibilities for your farm equipment storage building.