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Jessica’s Riding Arena

Custom built equestrian barn
Sq Ft:
20,400 Sq Ft
Special Features:
  • Finished Interior
  • Kickwall
  • Office and Viewing Areas
  • Enclosed Lean-to
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Jessica runs a riding academy where she gives lessons, trains and boards horses, and hosts birthday parties and shows.

For five years, she ran her business out of other people’s facilities, while making plans to build her own riding arena.

With her own facility, Jessica would have complete control over the space and be able to run her business year-round. After researching all of the options, she hired Remuda to design and build the new arena to commercial standards.

Customized to Jessica’s needs, the building includes a spacious viewing area for spectators, and an office space where she can comfortably and conveniently run her business. Remuda also suggested large beams that could be spaced further apart and improve the viewing experience for spectators.

“I chose Remuda because I really believed in their quality, compared to a lot of other builders out there. I like the way they built and I like that they really took the time to talk me through everything. I also chose Remuda because they’re a nice local company and they’ve done a ton around our equine community to support us.”

Truck with trailer pulling out of Acreage
Bright horse riding arena Horse arena with cladding on walls and ceiling

Horseback woman in riding arena

If you’re a horse owner, a trainer, or a competitor, contact Remuda to discuss your plans, your budget, and the endless possibilities for your own equestrian facility.