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Marvin’s Custom Garage

Custom built four door acreage
36′ x 60′ x 16′ & 24′ x 60′ x 16′
Sq Ft:
3,600 Sq Ft
Special Features:
  • L-Shaped Design
  • Overhead Doors with Glass Panels
  • Finished Interior
  • Concrete Floor
Call for price

When Marvin moved out into the country, the first thing he wanted to do was build a garage where he could store his motorhome, do maintenance, and have a wash bay.

While researching builders, Marvin discovered Remuda. The company was fairly new but he had a good feeling about them.

“You know, it was definitely the people. I met with Remuda. They brought me the price – the rest emailed it to me – Remuda brought it. They weren’t the cheapest, but being in business all my life, I’m not the type of guy who takes the cheapest. I look at the quality of people that I’m dealing with and Remuda fit the bill.”

Rather than settle for a “big box” style building, Marvin worked with Remuda to design an L-shaped building that suited his needs, while keeping the different spaces open to each other. Concrete floors equipped with drains and in-floor heating were added as special requests.

Custom red acreage with machinery
Insulated acreage garage interior custom car garge with workshop

Remuda’s highly personal process can give you peace of mind that you’ll get a building that’s perfect for you. If you’re looking to add a post frame building to your property contact Remuda to discuss your plans, your budget, and the possibilities.