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Post Frame Building Foundation Options

One important consideration to make while designing your post frame building is which foundation type best suits your needs, and your budget. Choosing the right foundation will give you peace of mind that your building will continue to serve your needs well into the future. Remuda offers the choice between three foundation options:

Standard Posts:

The standard post system includes 2″ x 8″ laminated pressure treated columns with uplift protection. Each post is then set onto a concrete base and backfilled with customer supplied washed rock.

Grade Guard Post Protection:

Grade Guard is a 30″ long polyurethane sleeve that slides overtop of the pressure treated post. Grade Guard protects posts where it matters the most – 6″ above grade to 18″ below grade by preventing post decay caused by moisture and organics collecting against the post. The Grade Guard system includes both the supply and installation of the Grade Guards on all exterior posts, ensuring that your posts last a lifetime.


Perma-Columns combine the cost-effectiveness of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation. Perma-Columns are 5′ precast concrete columns that keep your posts out of the ground altogether, and ensure your building’s foundation will never rot. Our Perma-Column option includes both the supply and installation of the Perma-Column onto a concrete base.

With these three options, your Remuda Building Sales Representative will be able to help you select the perfect solution for your post frame building.

Contact us today for pricing or additional details regarding our foundation options.