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Remuda Head Office

Remuda Office
70′ x 100′ x 20′
Sq Ft:
7,000 Sq Ft
Special Features:
  • Two-Level Office Area
  • Glass Front Viewing Area
  • Offices & Staff Areas
  • Heated Shop
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Remuda had been growing steadily for years, when we decided to replace our own small shop with a post frame head office.

We needed a building that was able to house all of our office staff comfortably. And, like so many of our customers, we needed a heated indoor space where we could store and repair our equipment without worrying about the weather.

Drawing up our plans, we included two storeys for offices, a large meeting and design area for customers, and a front office area that demonstrated the architectural possibilities of post frame construction. In addition to a spacious yard for material storage, the building has a large warehouse that is now home to Remuda Supplies.

We found a piece of property just off highway 1 – which has proven much more convenient to find and visit than our original location. With dedicated spaces for everything we do, it’s much easier for us to plan, build, and serve our customers.

cladding ceiling in tall garage Commercial workshop interior

bright modern office interior Commercial building exterior with equipment outside of a post frame building

At Remuda Building, we’re passionate about helping Alberta business do what they do better. Curious how a custom post frame building can help your business? Contact Remuda to discuss your plans, your budget, and the possibilities for your commercial building.