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Top 10 Optional Post Frame Building Features

Post frame buildings with custom features, along with the text "Popular post frame building options"
A post frame building doesn’t have to be plain, bland, or otherwise unspectacular. Enhance the look and functionality of your new building with Remuda Building’s endless interior and exterior options. Read below to learn about our 10 favourite optional features.
Three post frame buildings with the text "The most popular post frame building options. Lean-to's. Porches. Wainscoting. Cupolas & weathervanes. Equipment doors. Kickwalls. Exposed beams & posts. Mezzanines. Polycarbonate wall light. Finished interior packages.

1. Lean-to’s:

Extend the storage space beyond the walls of your building with a lean-to. Both enclosed and open, a lean-to provides extra coverage to store trailers and RV’s, boats, hay, animals, and more.

2. Wainscoting:

A cost-effective way to add a two-tone look to your building exterior to elevate the aesthetic. One of our most popular options.

3. Equipment Doors:

Overhead, bifold, or sliding. Electric or manual. With or without windows or polycarbonate panels. Get exactly what you need out of your building by choosing from an array of options. From farm equipment storage to acreage garages, we have the solutions.

4. Exposed Beams & Posts:

Wood detail options that single-handedly take your building from ordinary to extraordinary.

5. Polycarbonate Wall Lighting:

A cost-effective alternative to windows, polycarbonate wall lighting let’s natural light flood the interior of your building. The polycarbonate panels replace a portion of your exterior metal to let light in, but still keep rain and snow out.

6. Porches:

Escape the rain or add a covered space for a relaxing morning coffee outside you new garage, shop, storage building, or shop house.

Custom acreage with porch and seating

7. Cupolas & Weathervanes:

Functionally and aesthetically, cupolas finish off that country-style look. Top it off with a weathervane to take the upgrade a step further.

8. Kickwalls:

Replace a portion of your interior walls with wooden boards. A popular option for riding arenas to prevent damage to your building, and injury to your animals.

9. Mezzanines:

Stairs and railings leading to an elevated platform to optimize storage space or provide second-story functionality. An interior mezzanine adds versatility to be used however you need.

10. Finished Interior Packages:

Finish interior outer walls, ceilings, and demising walls with metal for a clean, bright look that brings your building together.

Looking to add one or more of the above options to your upcoming post frame building project? Or do you have another great option in mind? Contact us today to talk to one of our building experts. We can’t wait to get started on your customized building.

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