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What are the Advantages of Post Frame Construction?

Three post frame buildings during construction with the text "The post frame advantage."
Post frame construction, also commonly called pole barn construction, is a popular choice in rural and suburban areas. Post frame construction has several key advantages over traditional building methods, making it an attractive option for agricultural buildings, workshops, garages, commercial warehouses, equestrian facilities and even shop homes.

Post frame buildings utilize large, wooden posts as the main structure – leading to eight key advantages of post frame buildings. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of post frame buildings, and what they mean for your project.

The post frame advantage:

Inside a post frame building with the text "8 advantages of post frame construction. Cost-effective. Versatile. Energy efficient. Structurally strong. Fast construction. Low maintenance. Year-round construction. Large clear span spaces."

1. Cost-effective:

Post frame construction can be 30% less expensive than building steel or stick frame structures due to the differences in material costs, speed of construction, and difficulty of labour.

Post frame buildings do not include a traditional concrete foundation and generally use less materials, allowing you to save money on your building project.

2. Versatile:

Post frame construction is a versatile building method that can be used for a variety of building types, including agricultural, commercial, and residential buildings.

The design of post frame buildings is virtually limitless and can be customized to fit your functional needs and visual preferences.

3. Energy efficient:

Post frame buildings can have up to 20% lower heating and cooling costs than traditional buildings. The large columns used in post frame are spaced further apart than studs would be, leaving a wider, deeper, wall cavity for insulation.

The large, open spaces inside post frame buildings can be heated and cooled more efficiently than small, segmented spaces.

4. Structurally strong:

Post frame buildings are designed with structural strength and durability in mind.

The wooden columns used in post frame buildings are typically set 4′ – 6′ deep in the ground. The posts then transfer loads to the ground, to a concrete pier, or to a masonry foundation beneath each post, ensuring that buildings are strong enough to withstand harsh wind, heavy snow loads, and last for decades.

5. Fast construction:

Post frame construction can be up to 50% faster than stick frame and steel buildings.

Large posts and interlocking frames in post frame construction use less structural material than other methods. Additionally, many building components are prefabricated off-site, and then assembled on-site. This can be particularly advantageous for commercial or agricultural buildings that need to be completed quickly.

6. Low maintenance:

Post frame buildings are relatively low maintenance and easy to take care of.

The exterior building is covered in metal cladding, which can withstand harsh weather and resist damage from insects and pests.

The open design of post frame buildings allow the little maintenance that is required to be completed effortlessly.

7. Year-round construction:

Post frame construction begins with posts in the ground, so you don’t have to wait for the ideal weather to pour a concrete foundation. Alberta post frame builders can build throughout the year – this is one of the key benefits of post frame construction compared to methods that utilize a poured concrete foundation, like stick frame.

8. Large clear span spaces:

Trusses in post frame buildings are secured directly to the large wooden columns that are buried deep in the ground. This makes buildings exceptionally strong and eliminates the need for interior load-bearing walls.

The clear spans of post frame buildings make them ideal for commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications where large, open spaces are required to accommodate equipment, vehicles, or other sizeable items.

Post frame construction offers a range of advantages over traditional stick frame and steel construction. These benefits have made post frame construction a popular choice for many building types, and they are likely to continue to grow in popularity in the coming years.

Are you curious about a post frame building of your own? Our Building Consultants can help determine if post frame is right for your project – contact us today.