Can You Build a Post Frame Building in the Winter?

Short Answer: Absolutely!

Long Answer: As we enjoy another beautiful fall season, we are often faced with a common question; can you build in the winter? The majority of people believe that as soon as the snow flies our building season comes to end; however for Remuda Building this just means it’s time to put an extra layer on.

One of the main advantages of post frame construction over traditional building methods is the fact that there are no concrete foundations to pour, eliminating the need for difficult concrete work in sub-zero temperatures. We have the proper tools and equipment to allow for a smooth building process no matter what time of year.

Although some believe that building in the winter should cost more, we at Remuda have chosen to keep our pricing consistent throughout the year. Building though the winter allows us to provide year round work for our crew members, ensuring the best trained team, and giving you the quality of work that you have come to appreciate from Remuda Building.

Prior to freeze up it is always a good idea to have a relatively flat building site in mind and a packed clay base is ideal if a concrete building slab will be needed in the future. Getting some of the ground work done now can really save time in the future.

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Post Frame Building in the Winter

Remuda Building is an NFBA accredited member


Taking pride in our work is something that means a lot to Remuda Building. We take measures to set ourselves apart from other post-frame builders, and make sure the product you receive is top quality and constructed to meet top industry standards.

Becoming accredited with NFBA is one way we ensure quality to our customers. You can be sure that Remuda stays up-to-date on industry knowledge and integrity in our business.

The National Frame Builders Association (NFBA), is a non-profit trade association that promotes the interests of the post-frame construction industry and its members. The association’s members are primarily post-frame builders, suppliers, manufacturers, building material dealers, code and design professionals, and structural engineers.

To find out more about what being an NFBA member is about, visit their website.

Post Protector: In-Ground Post Decay Protection

Wood posts are a great structural system, but using wood can also come with its downfalls if not properly protected. Remuda Building uses Grade Guard post-protectors on all of our projects to make sure you get longevity out of your building. Quality craftsmanship is something we take pride in and making sure your building is protected is one of the ways we add quality to our projects.

When wood is placed in to the ground there are lots of elements that can lead to the decay of the material. Moisture, bacteria and weather, being a few major culprits. By using this quality product, the vulnerable areas of the wood are protected and you can be confident that your project has been built right.

Grade Guard is designed to provide protection specifically in the area where post decay gets its start, 6″ above grade to 18″ below grade. The 30″ Grade Guard is simply positioned on the treated post so its top edge is 4″-6″ above grade or finished floor grade. Check out the Grade Guard website to learn more about the benefits of using this post protection method. (

Remuda Building’s Newsletter

Remuda Building’s Newsletter

As a growing business our goal is to let people know who we are and what we are offering. As a way to do just that, we are very excited to be releasing our new Remuda Building’s newsletter.

In our periodic newsletters, we will be introducing you to our hard-working staff, featuring some of our current projects, keeping you informed on industry information and letting you know about our Remuda promotions.

Our goal is to keep connected to our customers so we can continue to grow within the community as a local business you can trust. By connecting with you through our newsletters and social media, we can better understand your needs and give you a better idea of who we are and what we are up to.

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